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Agate Bay Havanese is committed to offering happy, healthy puppies. beginning socialization the day they are born. 

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Welcome to
Agate Bay

If you're finding us now, you may join our Mailing List for updates on upcoming litters.

Our sweet little dogs are long-haired (6-8 inches) and hypoallergenic. They are small, usually between 8-15 pounds.  They are eager to learn, and enjoy tricks, fetch, tug-of-war and walks. Unlike some dogs, the Havanese do not require an excessive amount of exercise. They are great with children, and with other pets.

"The average dog is a nicer person than the average person."

                     Andy Rooney

If you want a dog to warm your feet on the couch or in bed, and to follow you everywhere, a Havanese puppy is a great choice! They like to perch on the back of a couch or in a window, near you. They do bark when strangers approach, or when a car pulls into the driveway, but they are not "yappers."


If you've been searching for a Havanese, please read about our training methods (below), see our policies and prices page, then check out the sweet babies on our puppy page. The final step is to fill out the Application to become one of our new puppy parents. Then you can provide new Havanese photos for our puppy gallery!

If you are feeling guilty about not getting your dog from a rescue or pound, remember that keeping purebred breeds available for future generations is also important. The chances of you finding a hypoallergenic rescue dog are slim. As long as your breeder is conscientious and responsible, they will not be adding to the population problems that exist. (This excludes puppy-mill type large operations where money is the sole motivation for breeding.)

If you're unfamiliar with Havanese dogs, please read more here. Havanese' colors often change over the course of the dog's life. Read more about standard and chocolate Havanese

Is a Havanese is for you? Please read through these questions - they will give you insight into how a Havanese will fit into your lifestyle. 

If you have any questions, please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us. There are no stupid questions. We want you to be knowledgeable about your new puppy! We've included some safety information here as well.

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Our Training includes:

Basic manners (no biting, leave it, down)

Human interactions

Noise desensitization

Tactile surfaces introduction

Misty method potty training

ENS (early neural stimulation)

Grooming desensitization

Beginning crate training

Manding (communication)

Introduction to water

Introduction to car travel

Introduction to cats

Beginning recall (come)

Vet prep (cold, smooth tabletop)

Play (fetch, tug of war)

Contact Us

Contact Us


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What our Puppy Parents say:


and Cognac

Well I got lucky ... met the BEST most caring Havanese breeder on the planet !!!

Met my baby at roughly 5 weeks old (by the way he was born ON MY BDay Jun 15 !!!)  

Well Laurel is kind,/compassionate AND knowledgeable about puppy care & training. Had all necessary vet care and shots AND a loving and caring environment till I picked him up at roughly 10 weeks old !!!

Included a "puppy cheat sheet" with useful information that even after having a Havanese I didn't know!

My kiddo's parents were perfect ... !!!

I had a female Havanese that I lost ThxGiving Day 2019 Love of my life ... named Hennessy (named after a liquor cause she was one)

THEN I met "Mr Cognac"  Life hasn't been the same since !!!

Thank you Laurel (and your Mom)

LaRaine and Thumper


and Mocha  

Laurel and her mother were very

welcoming when I first came to look at puppies. They were all such dolls. I chose the Brown one and named him Mocha.  Mocha and I bonded on the way home as I held him, I don't think I have ever bonded with a puppy that fast. He came to me knowing his name and sits right in front of me when I call him.

I think that Laurel did a great job with the first little bit of training. These dogs are very smart and loving dogs. I am so glad I found Laurel's ad.

Pi cu.jpeg

YOUNG and SKYE and Pi

We had a great experience with Laurel and her mom when we were getting Pi from them last summer. They really loved their puppies and cared about them which is important. They allowed Pi to spend enough time with his mom for bonding and proper nutrition. Pi is very smart, friendly and has a great personal character, and therefore he is truly a family dog! We were allowed to see Pi a couple of times before we brought him home, which I thought was very nice. Laurel also gave us a very nice gift bag, which contained some goodies for Pi. We were very lucky to find Laurel and her mom, and now we're very happy with Pi!

laura john peanut cropped 2 smaller.jpg

LAURA and JOHN and Otis

We came home with goodies for the puppy, including a pillow filled with his momma's fur. Really lovely touch.

Did you know that Charles Dickens had a tiny Havanese named Tim?

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