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Our Story

We love Havanese.

Our adventure began with a search for a hypoallergenic dog for my grandson. We spent weeks researching the pros and cons of a several hypo-allergenic toy breeds. We also wanted a sturdy dog that would be a committed companion. 

Havanese exhibit all of these qualities, and are smart, playful and have fewer potential genetic issues than other toy breeds.

What we didn't know was how deeply we would fall for this breed! We wanted to be able to offer a healthy line of Havanese puppies that was not focused on prestigious pedigree, allowing the costs to be much lower than the $6,000 and up price tags that some dogs command.

If you want a dog that is better suited for people with allergies or eczema, read more about this breed. If you already think you'd like to add a Havanese puppy to your family, check out our puppies.

We adhere to the ASPCA Criteria for Responsible Breeding. 














The Parents

The mother (dam) is a cream and champagne Havanese, registered AKC. The father (sire) is a brown chocolate Havanese, also registered AKC. 

Before you decide to buy a puppy, please read through the considerations. Answering these questions will help you decide whether a Havanese puppy is right for your family.

Here's a link to more detailed information. There are also some things to know about Havanese that may not be common for all dogs.

Don't confuse our small, thoughtful operation with a large commercial breeder. Chapter 5 of Lynn Stacy-Smith's book Love, Laugh, Woof: A Guide to Being Your Dog's Forever Owner distinguishes the differences between types of breeders. Here's an excerpt: "Unfortunately, too often good breeders are lumped in with bad breeders... While I agree with the ‘don’t shop, adopt’ concept, good breeders of purebred dogs are important to maintaining the standards of the breeds that we love so much."

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