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Your Havanese puppy may not keep its current coloring into adulthood.


      Havanese Fanciers of Canada offers these descriptions and examples of the various colors.

cognac 1 half and 7 mos compare.jpg

Medium Sable at 6 weeks, and at 7 months

cognac 2 half and 7 mos compare.jpg

Medium Sable at 9 weeks, and at 71/2 months

pi 6 wks.jpg
Pi cu.jpeg

Courtesy Skye S.

Dark Sable with moderate mask at 7 weeks, and at 6 months

saff pup sleeping cu.jpg
saff ferret.jpg
saff cu 2 yrs.jpg

Black, Tan and Cream Tricolor at 9 weeks, and at 2 years

Otis 8 mos.jpg
otis 4 mos.jpg

 Light Sable

at 2 months

At 8 months

At 4 months

ziggy pup2.jpg
ziggy pup.jpg
ziggy older.jpg

Courtesy Karen D.

Black and Tan  at  7 weeks, and at a year

boomer pup.jpg

Courtesy Karen D.

boomer older.jpg

Chocolate and Tan at 7 weeks, and at a year

If your puppy is a solid color, it is more likely to retain that color into adulthood. Becoming lighter, though, is very common.

In sables and partis, if you brush the hair backward, the root color is usually the color the dog will be as a 1-2 year old. Even then, they can change color again.

No matter what color your Havanese puppy is, it will be your best buddy!

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