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Proper Care of your Puppy

We expect our adoptive families to be able and willing to provide for their Havanese puppies, through their entire lives. If these expectations are not met, we reserve the right to retrieve the puppy/dog at any time with no compensation.


The basic expectations are:

  • Proper nutrition

  • Complete medical attention (staying up to date on vaccinations, regular (at least annual) exams, spay or neuter, pest prevention)

  • Socialization and training such as the ability to safely interact with other animals, and with people of all kinds

  • Companionship (these are extremely social dogs, and cannot be left alone for extended periods)

  • Positive reinforcement rather than punitive

  • No physical punishment; no screaming

  • Exercise and stimulation

  • Grooming coat, nails and teeth (cannot be left to mat)

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but a guide for basic expectations. It is not our intent to remove any animal from a suitable home, but rather to ensure that they are treated kindly and well provided for. See the American Veterinary Medical Association's Responsible Pet Ownership page for more information.

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