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Meet the 2020 puppies' forever families!

Saffie's Choice (Cognac)
Lin holding Cognac
choice day 1
eyes choce

Lin and Cognac  

lin cognac 3.jpg

Lin brought Cognac a harness to go home in...

lin cognac 8 21 home.jpg
cognac new harness.jpg
lin cognac home kiss.jpg

Skye is taking Bruno (Pi) Home!


Thumper (Mocha) is going home with LaRaine.

Thumper LaRaine's Mocha
Bam Bam, Thumper's sire
laraine thumper 2 gallery.jpg
laraine thumper gallery.jpg

John and Laura are taking Peanut! (Otis)

laura john peanut.jpg
laura john peanut 2.jpg
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