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Puppies Are Here!

"We all think that our dog is the best dog ever.

And we're all right."


Puppies will be ready for their new homes on Christmas Day, 2021.

They are 1/2 Havanese, 1/4 Shih Tzu and 1/4 Long Hair Chihuahua.

Contact Kate at Chocolate Rainbow

Angel, half Shih Tzu, half long hair Chihuahua and puppy

Here are the new babies!
angel mama dog.jpg

Peanut - Male - Light Sable Chocolate

male blonde choc in basket.jpg
male blonde chocolate.jpg
male blonde chocolate side.jpg
male blonde above.jpg

Mr. Peanut shows the Chihuahua traits more than the others. He's shy yet playful. His fur has a thick under layer, it feels like fur rather than the Havanese hair. 

Cayenne - Male - Brown Chocolate
Has gone home with Marie!

fem dark brown held.jpg
fem dark brown bg.jpg
fem dark brown.jpg

Really coming out of his shell, he's the first to play fetch and to "drop". Chocolate hair with gorgeous gold highlights.

Chonco - Female -  Black with white toes 

fem black.jpg
fem blk held.jpg

Does a delightful little dance when she's really excited about playing. Acts and moves most Havanese of the litter.

Truffle - Male - Medium Sable
Has gone home with David!

pup k male2.jpg
pup k male2 2.jpg

The most physical about wanting to be touched when you approach. 

Baizhou - Female -  Sable Chocolate with white toes 

female white toes in basket.jpg
female white toes sit.jpg

Loving those toys. Always happy to see you.

Cambria - Female -  Dark Sable 

fem 2 sit.jpg
pup k fem3.jpg

The runt, she more than makes up for her size in exuberance and puppy love.


mix litter 1.jpg
angel puppy rainbow.jpg
havanese mix puppy 5 wks.jpg
fem 2.jpg
female white toes in basket 2.jpg
female white toes bk.jpg

Sire, Bambi, is an AKC chocolate-red chocolate.

We understand that there are plenty of fake sites and scammers out there. We're happy to take a photo of the puppy you're interested in with your name or the date to verify its existence. 

paper pencil contact image.jpg

Contact Kate at for more information and an application. Puppy choice based on order of deposits received.

Chocolate puppies are $1500, others $1400. (Chocolate refers to the nose (leather) color, and can also describe the hair color.

Cambria and Cayenne (adopted)



kate EL truffle.jpg


kate EL chonco.jpg


kate EL peanut 2.jpg
kate el chonco 2.jpg


baizhou pen.jpg
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